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Wildflower Seeds

Encourage more insects and invertebrates into your garden by sowing a patch of wildflowers!

Wildflowers offer an attractive alternative to traditional lawns and gardens. Planting our wildflower seeds in your garden will enhance its beauty and more importantly, they're the perfect plants for bees and butterflies.

As you can see, we have created unique wildflower seed mixes to give you plenty of wildflower options. If you want to attract bees and butterflies into your garden, we recommend our beautiful bumble bee mix. For a more varied mixture of wildflowers that will grow and change annually, opt for something like our Old English Meadow Mix.

Choose from the wildflower seeds below: We are offering 20g packets, 40g packets and 250g packets of wild flower seed mixtures for you to enjoy!

All prices include VAT and there are no annoying delivery charges applied at checkout to wildflower seed purchases.

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Yellow Rattle Seeds 100%
Yellow Rattle Seeds 100%
Enhance your wildflower meadow

Did You Know?

Up until the early nineteenth century, it wasn't fashionable to grow wildflowers - most British gardens would have been carefully curated. Therefore, British wildflower seeds and wildflower gardening can be linked back to this specific period where the charm of wildflowers was first acknowledged.

Wildflower Seeds: FAQs

  • What are the easiest wildflowers to grow in the UK?
  • Annual wildflowers are super easy to grow and maintain because they will germinate, bloom, and die all in one season. Annuals are a great option for all gardeners, but especially beginners. Try our Cornfield annuals.

  • When is best to plant wildflowers?
  • It's best to plant wildflower seeds in the spring, around March/April time, or in the autumn, between September and October.

    For more handy tips on planting wildflower seeds, read: How & When to Plant Wildflower Seeds

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