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Hedgehog Food & Hedgehog Homes

If you’re looking to attract more wildlife to your garden, our selection of cosy hedgehog homes and tasty hedgehog food is sure to help! Providing a comfortable, safe space complete with yummy treats is a great way to welcome these elusive creatures to your outdoor space!

In order to avoid the hazards of modern life (such as cars, strimmers and tools) as well as their traditional predators, hedgehogs need a safe haven in which to stay warm and dry! Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we don’t just supply products for attracting garden birds to your home, we also stock hedgehog food and hedgehog homes! Both of which are ideal for those who are looking to entice hedgehogs into their garden, as well as those who already have a resident visitor, and wish to make them more comfortable.

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Choosing the right hedgehog food

There’s a lot of mixed advice out there about what to feed your local hedgehogs, which is why we’ve stocked a choice of products to meet their specific nutritional needs. We supply a range hedgehog-specific food, which acts as a great supplement to their natural diet.

If you have any questions our hedgehog homes and feeds, please feel free to get in touch using our contact page and we will do our very best to provide helpful guidance. 



Hedgehog Care FAQs

  • What to do if you have a hedgehog in your garden?
  • If you notice a hedgehog or two frequently visiting your garden, there are lots of things you can do to make them feel more at home.

    Clear the space of hazards – The first thing you must do is hedgehog-proof your garden. This includes covering any exposed pipes and drains and removing any rubbish and bins containing poisonous substances or sharp objects.

    Put hedgehog-friendly food out – If you want to help our spikey friends, they’ll certainly appreciate some extra food. Specially made hedgehog food is best if you want to make sure all their nutritional requirements are met.

    Install a cosy hedgehog home – Hedgehogs love a warm, sheltered spot hidden away from predators and harsh weather conditions. Help them out by adding a hedgehog home to your garden. 

  • What can hedgehogs eat?
  • Hedgehogs are insectivores! While they prefer insects, they will happily feed on dry food like pet biscuits and shop-bought hedgehog food.

    Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we stock a fantastic range of nutritionally-rich hedgehog food at varying prices to suit most budgets. If you’re not sure which hedgehog food to choose, we highly recommend our Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food (wet food) or our tasty Hedgehog Bites (dry food).

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  • Are hedgehog houses a good idea?
  • Of course! Adding a cosy hedgehog home to your garden is a great idea. Providing your local hogs with a dry, safe place to sleep is the best and safest way to assist them.

    Learn more about hedgehog habitats here!

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