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Wheat Free Bird Seed

Wheat-free bird seed mixes are a great way to keep larger birds like pigeons and other unwanted animals who might steal food from smaller birds away from your feeders.

Our range of wheat free bird feeds contain only the best ingredients to attract lots of lovely wild birds to your garden, including white and red millet, sunflower hearts, niger seed, and safflower. We especially recommend our wheat-free High Energy Fledgling Mix™which contains homegrown naked oats, premium sunflower heart chips, peanut granules and delicious bite-sized suet pellets - ideal for young birds! 

Choose from the range of wheat free bird feed mixes listed below! Remember, we offer FREE DELIVERY on all of these wheat free bird feeds!

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8 Product(s)
Feeder Mix™
Feeder Mix™ Free flowing and packed with delicious, high energy black sunflower seeds
Premium Finch Mix Premium Finch Mix A bespoke, high energy finch mix with sunflower hearts, oil seeds and added niger seed
High Energy Blend™ High Energy Blend™ Free Flowing, Husk Free and High Energy Premium Seed Blend
 Seed and Suet Combo™
Seed and Suet Combo™ Gourmet seeds and delicious suet pellets means everything is eaten!
Tidy Garden Mix™
Tidy Garden Mix™ Our #1 best seller - no mess, no waste!
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost Our no-mess mix - boosted with delicious suet pellets
High Energy Fledgling Mix™
High Energy Fledgling Mix™ Mini Bites for Little Beaks
Deluxe Robin Crumble™
Deluxe Robin Crumble™ Attract robins to your garden with our gourmet robin food. It's packed with energy and taste!

Wheat Free Bird Food FAQs

What is no-wheat bird food?

No-wheat bird food is exactly what it sounds like: bird food with no wheat in it! 

Why are there no wheat bird seed mixes? 

These wheat-free seed mixes are designed to keep unwanted wildlife from stealing food from smaller wild birds. Wheat is a relatively cheap ingredient, so is often overused by lower-quality bird food brands as a filler ingredient. This can attract unwanted garden visitors and very few birds appreciate seed mixes with a high wheat content. You can be confident that your garden birds will enjoy our no-wheat bird feed mixes a lot more.

What's included in a no-wheat seed mix?

The best wheat-free bird seed mixes includes grains and other highly-nutritious ingredients such as:

  • red millet
  • white millet
  • sunflower seeds
  • naked oats

Want to know more about our no-wheat bird feeds? Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
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