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Nature Guide Books

Our nature guide books are an ideal addition to your wildlife spotting efforts, providing you with an easy way to identify your garden visitors.

Field guide books are a highly accessible way to begin your wildlife observation efforts, providing beautifully illustrated images of UK garden wildlife, to help you discern between various animal, insect and plant species. They are also a great reference for even the most experienced bird watchers, and are ideal to have close at-hand if you should spot a rare species!

Our nature guide books cover a wide selection of wildlife, which means that almost any garden enthusiast is sure to find a topic of interest in our selection. They also make an ideal gift for those with a keen interest in UK wildlife, and are perfect for use as a learning resource, in order to introduce children to both rare and recognizable UK species.


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What kind of nature guide should you choose?

As you can see, we have a nature guide for almost every kind of species you can find in your garden - even plants! If you're not sure what field guide book you should choose, why not take a look in your garden and see what intrigues you most?

Can you see an insect that you can't identify? An unusual plant that you've not noticed before? Or a bird species that you don't recognise?

Start there, then put our nature guides on your wishlist! You can slowly build up a collection of our field guide books until you can identify anything that comes your way.

Do you have a specific question about UK garden wildlife? Check out the Really Wild Bird Food blog, or send your questions to us.
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