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Dried Calci-worms
Dried Calci-worms
  • Dried Calci-worms
  • Dried Calci-worms

Dried Calci-worms

An excellent high protein supplement
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Calci Worms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). They are high in protein, fat, amino acids and also have a very high calcium content; in fact they have approximately 20-40 times the concentration of Calcium compared to dried mealworms. They are slightly darker in apperance and slightly 'crunchier' than mealworms but are an excellent choice particularly during this time of year when birds are breeding and laying eggs.

These dried insects have a positive Calcium to Phosphorous ratio (Ca:P) which research has proven contributes to stronger bones and egg shell for wild birds. These properties also make them an excellent addition to the diet of growing vertebrates such as hedgehogs and chickens.

Calci worms are a versatile and easy way to feed the wildlife in your garden.

It is important to offer a clean source of drinking water to your garden birds when offering Calci worms; this will ensure that they are able to utilise the additional calcium with no detrimental effects on their health. 

Natural sources of calcium are becoming increasingly more difficult for garden birds, hedgehogs and wildlife to find, due to the ever growing 'urbanisation' of our gardens and reduction of wild messy land. Offering Calci-Worms as part of a balanced diet alongside other types of food gives our wildlife access to a wider range of vital nutrients that they often struggle to find themselves.

We recommend you mix them in with your sunflower hearts or seed mix. Alternatively you can place them on a bird table or feeding platform, or pop into a bespoke mealworm feeder.

Excellent source of protein and calcium

Clean and easy to handle

Attract more insectivorous birds to your garden

Composition (100g): Protein 42%, Oil 34%, Ash 15%, Calcium 3.2%, Phosphorus 1.2%

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