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Fine Oystershell Grit
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Fine Oystershell Grit

Grit to aid digestion and help egg shell quality
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Grits are essential for all seed-eating birds' digestive systems and our super-clean fine oyster shell grit made from crushed oyster shell is especially suitable to help canaries and other caged seed-eating birds digest their food. The insoluble crushed oyster shell acts as a grinding agent in the bird's gizzard, which helps to break down the tough seed shells.

Fine oyster shell grit is also a natural and readily available source of calcium as well as other minerals and trace elements. Calcium is necessary for birds to form good, strong eggs.

For poultry, you can offer this fine oyster shell grit on its own from the ground or feeding station, or you can mix a handful of crushed oyster shell into your bird seed mixes and feed from your normal feeders.

For caged and aviary birds, we recommend that you don't put the grit anywhere it can be contaminated with droppings.

You can also select oyster shell grit from our Pick and Mix and Mini Pick and Mix options - ideal if you are looking to buy a selection of our seeds!

If fine, crushed oyster shell doesn't suit your requirements, why not try our Coarse Oystershell Grit?

Manufactured by Oyta

Street End Farm

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I had read that nesting birds need this for the calcium for their eggs, had looked in various pet shops but couldn't it! Then seen it on here, for an amazing price & free delivery, was packed very well, you couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend buying from here
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