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Mixed Poultry Grit

Mixed Poultry Grit

Poultry grit to help with digestion and shell quality
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Our poultry grit contains a mixture of soluble and insoluble grit. Grit is an important part of the diet for a wide number of reasons;

  • Soluble poultry grit is a great source of additional calcium for laying hens. This extra dose of calcium helps to strengthen the bones and egg shells of your poultry.
  • Insoluble poultry grit helps with food digestion and breakdown in the gizzard. Hens with insufficient insoluble grit can experience something called impaction – their stomach fills with mass they cannot digest. Removing these blockages can be a difficult and timely procedure.

Mixed poultry grit from Really Wild Bird Food contains both soluble and insoluble poultry grit! If you’re looking for a grit that will strengthen the bones/egg shells of your poultry and help them to digest food, our mixed poultry grit is perfect for you!

Please Note - Free delivery of this product if it accompanies a food product such as poultry corn or layers pellets. A delivery charge of £5.95 will be applied if bought on its own.

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