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Bird Cake Mix
Bird Cake Mix
Bird Cake Mix
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Bird Cake Mix

A delicious, high energy combination to blend with your own suet
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New to our range of high quality bird seed mixes, our bird cake mix is a delicious and high energy combination of farm grown seeds with peanut granules, pinhead oatmeal, raisins and mealworms. The combination of our premium quality bird cake mix and your suet makes a highly nutritious meal for your garden birds and tits in particular love it.  Making a bird cake is also a great way of getting the kids involved- in the kitchen and with your wildlife!

To make your own bird cake, melt your beef suet or lard in a pan (you can use vegetable fat but it does tend to be a bit softer to hang out) and then add enough bird cake mix to absorb all the fat. Stir well, then pour into a mould (or an old yogurt pot), and place in the fridge to cool and solidify. Then remove and hang. As an approximation, the ratio of fat: seed will be about 1:3.

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