At the 2024 Cereals event

June is a month that hosts a number of farming events, in what is usually a quieter work month ahead of a busy harvest season. It's a good time for farmers to meet socially and attend educational events.


What Do Finches Eat?

The finch (Fringillidae) family comprises more than 200 different species across a variety of different habitats. In fact, finches can be found in almost every part of the world - the only exceptions are Australia and the polar regions.

FUN FINCH FACT: Did you know that a flock of goldfinches is called a charm? How charming!


What to Feed Birds in Summer

As the warm days of summer approach, the dietary requirements of our feathered friends are evolving and changing. Birds have specific nutritional requirements that can change with the seasons.

While summer brings an abundance of natural food resources, providing supplementary bird feed can still be beneficial, especially during periods of nesting and breeding. Let’s explore what to feed birds in the summer to help support their health and wellbeing.


Bird feeding on a table

Wild birds vary quite a bit in size and feeding habits, which is why there are so many different types of bird feeder on the market.

When you're trying to choose the best bird feeder for your garden, think carefully about which birds you're hoping to attract. This will inform your purchase - for example, some birds are ground feeders, whereas others prefer to forage in bushes and trees.

(Of course, you can always set up several different feeders in your garden so as to attract a wider variety of birds!)


Where to put a bird feeder

There are two key factors to consider when hanging a bird feeder in your garden.

  1. Visibility
  2. Safety



In this blog you will find ways to attract more wildlife to your garden. From birds to bugs, seeing wildlife in your garden is such a special treat! Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we have a wide range of wildlife products designed to help attract wildlife to your garden. 


attracting birds to your garden

Would you like to attract birds to your garden? Perhaps your garden has been looking a little lifeless and in need of some feathered friends? Wild birds are appreciative of food, water, and space to shelter - particularly if you live in a built-up residential area where greenery is sparse.

That's why we want to inspire you to turn your garden into a haven for birds! Adding some simple features to your garden can make all the difference. More...

hedgehog in the grass - what can you feed hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are fascinating creatures that can benefit from our assistance. Unfortunately, hedgehog numbers have dwindled over the years and this decline over almost a decade is mainly because of the fragmentation of their habitats and difficulty in finding food.

Fortunately, small steps on our part will surely make the life of these tiny creatures significantly easier and there are several things we can do to help our spikey friends. The easiest thing we can do is to provide them with food and clean drinking water when the resources accessible to them are scarce, particularly during autumn and early spring.


Bird singing at dawn

This time of year is very special in terms of early morning birdsong. I would like to say that I spring out of bed at 5am to ride out on my bike, but the reality is somewhat less energetic than that (and a bit later as well!).


Duck bathing in a bucket

The sun is shining as we approach the end of the month - but gosh that wind is cold! I thought I would share these photos with you. I am afraid the photography isn't up to much - but I hope you will enjoy nevertheless.