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christmas presents

It's the first day of December and safe to say, we're really getting excited for Christmas now! We know that many of you have put your trees up early this year and you're dying to get the Christmas celebrations underway, but there's one important job that needs to be done first... present buying!

Choosing a gift for someone that you know they'll love and cherish is one of the best parts about Christmas. We're not talking about buying something expensive or flashy, the best gifts are the ones that the recipient will enjoy for months after Christmas is over, no matter how big or small.

We've put together this blog to show you some great Christmas gift ideas for gardeners. So, if you know someone with green fingers, this gift guide is perfect for you. Let's dive right in...

1. Christmas Hampers

christmas hamper

First of all, we have a rather new addition to the Really Wild Bird Food site - our Christmas hampers. We've curated a selection of Christmas hampers at different price points so that you can give the garden enthusiast in your life a treat they'll remember. We have hampers for bird lovers and hampers for hedgehog lovers too!

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bird lovers eco hamper

One of our most popular hampers is our Bird Lovers Eco Hamper (£54.95) that's filled with lots of goodies that are kind to the planet. If features 1kg of our best selling Christmas crumble, 1kg of our berry suet pellets, a ring pull seed feeder, and a range of Eco-chic products including a gorgeous thermal bottle covered in garden birds! This truly is a delightful hamper for a bird lover in your life.

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2. Cards and Watercolours


We're really excited about the new additions to our cards and watercolours section. The cards (shown on the left) come in a range of beautiful Christmas designs and every pack comes with 10 forget-me-not seed sticks for your recipients to plant! Each Christmas card is made of 100% recycled FSC® paper, is non-toxic and plastic-free making this a great way to send your Christmas greetings without harming the planet.

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As well as offering a stunning range of cards, we also have some delightful watercolour prints by Jeanie P, that make great Christmas gifts for gardeners. One of our favourites is the woodpecker print - Knock On Wood (£30) featured above.

The beautiful print featured below features 5 of our favourite garden birds, Goldfinch, Robin, Long Tail Tit, Blue Tit and Wren. In true Christmas Spirit, we've called this print Christmas Carols! and knocked £5 of the RRP so that you can get a great gift for someone at an affordable price! This print was £31.95, but is now only £26.95 including the mount!

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3. Wildlife Products

We know how much gardeners love wildlife of all shapes and sizes, that's why we stock a huge range of wildlife products to cater for lots of different species. In our wildlife section, you will find...

bug biome

Bees, Bugs and Butterfly Products

These fuzzy, buzzy and beautiful critters sometimes need a helping hand, and we have just the things! We offer a selection of bee nesting tubes and houses as well as ladybird lodges and bug biomes (pictured above). These are great Christmas gifts for gardeners and great fun for the family. They provide a safe space for insects to explore and are educational for young children or grandchildren too.

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bat house

Bat Products

These creatures of the night are fascinating to watch if you can attract them into your garden. We offer a range of bat boxes, including this sustainably sources Conservation Bat Box (pictured above). 

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4. Gardening Accessories 

gardening accessories

Here are a few accessories that your gardener friends are sure to love! On the left, we have a beautiful pair of Sophie Conran striped gloves that are stylish, comfortable and protective. They have a mesh layer between the fingers to improve dexterity and to help regulate temperature, making them an ideal Christmas gift for use during the cold winter months.

In the centre, you can see the Poc-Kit Gardening Utility Belt, an ideal Christmas gift for gardeners who need somewhere secure to carry valuables like keys, glasses, twine or a mobile phone. The Poc-Kit features an adjustable belt and zipped compartments. We think this would be a great stocking filler!

Finally, you can see our Hip-Truga handy gardening accessory that can be clipped onto a standard belt. It's a great container that can be used to harvest fruit or carry weeds and garden debris until you head back to the house. The trug itself can be slipped out of the neoprene carry case for cleaning so you can pop it in the dishwasher when you're finished with it. We're sure that every gardener could find a use for this helpful accessory! Order one now.

5. Bird Feeders/Food

squirrel buster bird feeder

Would this be a Really Wild Bird Food gift guide without a special shout out for our bird feeding products? We've got a huge array of bird seeds and bird food including mealworms, peanuts, suet and much much more. Why not purchase one of our bird feeders and a selection of our bird food for your gardener friend? We're sure they'll love watching the different garden birds that it attracts.

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Above you can see our best selling Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder! Designed with a spring-loaded feeder system so that the squirrels can't steal all the food. It comes boxed and would make a lovely Christmas gift for a gardener.

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6. Gardeners Treats

gardeners treats

Finally, we have a few gardeners treats that would make charming Christmas gifts. This responsibly sourced Twine Dispenser (£9.99) comes with 120m of twine and is very helpful for securing plants as they grow. The twine itself is biodegradable and compostable, so eco-friendly gardeners will love it! We think this would be an ideal secret Santa gift, what do you think?

We couldn't resist giving this gorgeous Sophie Conran Garden Clock a shout-out. It features a creamy, buttermilk frame, an easy-to-read face and a baby blue second hand that's sure to brighten up any space. It's made of galvanised steel so you know it will last a long time, even out in the elements. We think this would be the perfect Christmas gift for a gardener who often loses track of time... we're sure you have someone in mind!  

Hopefully, this Christmas gift guide will inspire you to choose great gifts for the gardeners in your life! If you have any questions about the products listed above, drop us an email -