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Squirrel Buster Classic
Squirrel Buster Classic
  • Squirrel Buster Classic
  • Squirrel Buster Classic

Squirrel Buster Classic

An ingenious 4 port feeder - part of the Squirrel Buster™ Range
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Product Details

This patented Squirrel Buster™ Classic™  is one of the range of clever technical  feeders, designed to stop squirrel crime in your garden! Like the Squirrel Buster Mini™, this feeder uses patented, proven technology to stop squirrels in their tracks, whilst allowing visiting birds to feed freely. 

It is a spring loaded feeder - the weight of raiding squirrels automatically blocks access to feeder ports. It's ingenious, it's humane and it works! Openings in the wire shroud align with the 4 seed ports and provide birds access to the seed. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing access to the seed ports. All squirrels and many large birds are foiled in their attempts to raid the feeder.

Supported by a cast-iron Lifetime Guarantee against squirrel damage and defects.

The Squirrel Buster™ Classic has 4 ports, is 365mm long and can take approx.1.4litres of seed. So it is apporximatley twice the size of The Squirrel Buster™

It comes boxed and makes a lovely gift.

Lifetime Guarantee against destructive squirrels

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