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eco-friendly home

If you've watched the news recently, you'll know that saving the planet and being more sustainable is at the forefront of people's minds. In the last week, Prince William and David Attenborough have launched their Earthshot Prize, a fund that's designed to reward inventors and activists who come up with revolutionary ways to tackle climate change.

The next ten years have been identified as being pivotal in terms of saving our beautiful planet, so now is the perfect time to work on making your home more eco-friendly.

So with this in mind, we thought we'd talk you through a few different ways you can make your home more eco-friendly with some of the new products available from our brand new Eco Shop.

eco-friendly personal care

Personal Care

A lot of our household waste comes from personal care items such as cotton buds, wet wipes and plastic toothbrushes. I know what you're thinking, surely we don't collectively use that many cotton buds in a single year? Well, it's estimated that roughly 1.8 million plastic-stemmed cotton buds are thrown away each year in England alone. 10% of these are flushed down the toilet which means they often end up in waterways and eventually, our oceans where they can harm fish and other marine life. 

Switching out your personal care products for more sustainable options might only be a small change for you, but if everyone followed suit, this would have a really big impact on our environment! Above, you can see a few of our new eco-friendly personal care items including, organic, fairtrade and completely compostable cotton buds; dental floss that's made of 100% vegan materials; and natural, vegan nail brushes that are perfect for children! We also have a selection of handmade soaps, biodegradable plasters and much more.

eco friendly covid care

COVID-19 Protection

You've probably seen people walking around with the single-use medical face masks on. While these do a good job of protecting people from the spread of coronavirus, they aren't the most environmentally-friendly choice. So, we're offering 100% Organic Cotton 3 Layer Face Masks as well as, herbal hand sanitiser spray. By investing in these products for you and your family to use, you'll be protecting each other from coronavirus and saving the planet at the same time - a win, win situation.

eco friendly kitchen essentials

Kitchen Essentials

The average household throws away at least 40kg of plastic each and every year, and we're sure you can guess where a large proportion of this comes from... the kitchen! It's very rare to get food from the supermarket that's not wrapped in some kind of plastic, and while you can make a more conscious effort to shop more sustainably, there are also small changes you can make in your own kitchen to reduce the amount of waste you produce. 

Some things, like cleaning cloths, shopping bags and cling film are kitchen essentials - every household has them and uses them on a daily basis. Just think about the difference you could make by switching all these essentials to an eco-friendly alternative. You can see a selection of the new eco-friendly kitchen items we have on offer above. 

Our compostable sponge cleaning cloths are plastic-free and made of renewable materials that will simply decompose when you're finished using them. The lovely mesh fruit bag you can see is made of GOTS certified cotton and can be washed at 30°c to preserve its lifespan. And last, but not least, we have our beeswax food wraps that are a perfect, eco-friendly alternative to cling film - guaranteed to keep your food fresher for longer.


eco-friendly cleaning

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Making eco-friendly changes to your cleaning equipment is another great way to make your home a greener space. That plastic dustpan and plastic toilet brush you have will probably outlive you, plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfill sites!

To start you off on your green cleaning journey, we'd recommend giving our Tru Earth laundry eco strips a try. These are an environmentally-friendly alternative to washing powder and as well as keeping your clothes looking and feeling great, they also produce no waste. We also offer a range of eco-friendly cleaning brushes including a magnetic dustpan and brush (so the two halves will never get awkwardly separated in your cupboard again), a plastic-free toilet brush and a vegan bottle brush.

So, if you're ready to make your home a greener, cleaner and more eco-friendly space, head over to our Eco Shop now! If you have any questions, give us a call on 01489 896785.