Our very popular High Energy Fledgling Mix™ is back for this season!

Bird food for fledglings - loved by sparrows

Spring is upon us - not that you'd know it from the cold, wet and miserable weather! This is the time of year when garden bird numbers soar as fledglings appear en masse.

This is also the most critical time of year to offer quality, easy-to-digest bird food (especially if the weather is inclement and the insect population is low, which is certainly the case right now).

If you feed more youngsters now, you will have more adult birds all year round - that's a simple fact!

Here are some ideas to help you fill those hungry beaks over the next few months!



High Energy Fledgling Mix from Really Wild Bird Food

High Energy Fledgling Mix™

Our best-selling High Energy Fledgling Mix™ is a mini-bite seed mix for fledglings with mini beaks. Be sure to stock up ahead of a really busy time for garden birds and their families!

  • Mini bites make easy feeding
  • Highly digestible
  • Ultra high energy
  • No mess mix - everything will be eaten
  • Tastes delicious!

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Mini Suet Pellets

Mini Suet Pellets

Order this weekend and SAVE 10%

Delicious bite-size suet for little beaks! Our Mini Suet Pellets are always big hit with garden birds, and they've got added calcium to promote healthy bones.

  • Peanut flavour with a hint of berry
  • With added calcium for developing bones
  • High fat releases immediate energy
  • Soft consistency for easy digestion
  • Free delivery!

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Live mealworms

Live Mealworms

Wriggly live mealworms are a great source of protein and water for young chicks. Read my tips for feeding live mealworms - it's easy to do and hugely beneficial for bird families.

Our mealworms are British born and bred! Prices start from only £13.95.

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Seed of the Month: Original Farm Gold

Just a reminder that our 'Seed of the Month' offer on Original Farm Gold™ will be coming to an end soon. Don't miss out on the 10% discount - this is one of our most popular seed mixes and a really popular choice at this time of year.

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I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter. Hopefully the weather will cheer up and allow us all to get outside
and enjoy our gardens and our wildlife!

Very best wishes,