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Bird Table Squirrel Baffle

Bird Table Squirrel Baffle

A 51.5cm diameter baffle with tilting action to prevent squirrels from mounting the table.
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A wooden bird table post is an open invitation for squirrels to climb up it and eat the bird food. This bird table squirrel baffle will fit easily around square table posts, which measure between 38mm x 38mm square, and 60mm x 60mm square, deterring climbing squirrels from accessing the table platform.   

For small bird tables with square posts which measure less than 38x38mm, large posts over 60x60mm, and bird tables with round posts, it is possible to fit the baffle with minor adjustments. The posts will need some building up or sanding them down in areas, in order to fit the half platforms of the baffle.

  • Unique, patented titling action prevents squirrel foothold.

  • Wide, squirrel-deterring 20¼" / 51.5cm diameter baffle

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Simple to install and so far seems to be doing its job. Arrived promptly. Altogether satisfied.
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