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Pigeon Spacer™

Pigeon Spacer™

Stop pigeons and other large species from disrupting the feeding routine of small, garden birds!
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Pigeons often dominate feeding stations, and their sheer size and physical presence can often disuade smaller birds from coming to the feeders. Many people use base trays on tubular feeders to catch spilled seed, but these trays also act wonderful landing platforms for greedy pigeons (and other larger birds), which then eat all your seed and ward off smaller species.

This tough, Pigeon Spacer™ extension column, separates the feeder from the seed tray beneath, by enough distance that pigeons cannot reach the seed ports. To fit, simply remove seed the seed tray, then screw the spacer gently into the base of the feeder (1/2" thread fitting), before re-attaching the tray.

  • Made from tough weatherproof polycarbonate
  • Tray is not included
  • Compatible with Ring-Pull™, The One™, Lifetime and Bird Lovers™ models only!

Dimensions: 62W x 283H x 62D mm.

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