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Universal Squirrel Baffle

Universal Squirrel Baffle

Keep squirrels from getting to you feeder, whether it's hanging or attached to a pole.
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Product Details

This Universal Squirrel Baffle can be used as a hanging baffle, and can also be fitted around a pole ( up to 1" diameter ), or a square/oblong bird table post (measuring up to 50cm x 50cm).

This squirrel baffle has a clever tilting action, which cases the squirrel to slide off when it jumps on. Most other squirrel baffles are rigid, and depend on the size of the baffle to be the deterrent, however this baffle uses both size and tilting action to improve its effectiveness.

What's Special About it?

  • An effective squirrel deterrent with a clever tilting action preventing squirrel foothold.
  • Multi-location uses - it fits around poles up to 1" / 25.4mm diameter or hangs above a bird feeder.
  • Wide, squirrel-deterring 20¼" / 51.5cm diameter baffle.

Approx Product Data:

  • Size: 51.5mm / 20¼" diameter. 6cm / 2¼" slope centre to edge
  • Weight: 0.9kg / 2 lbs


  • Square/oblong posts up to 2" x 2" / 50mm x 50mm size posts under a fixed bird table.
  • Around poles up to 1" / 25.4mm diameter.
  • Hanging above a bird feeder.
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