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Ground Feeder Sanctuary

Ground Feeder Sanctuary

An adjustable ground feeder to keep large birds and pests at bay!
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This ground feeder sanctuary will protect your ground feeders and it will also accommodate a hanging tube feeder (up to 50cm long) from inside the top ridge. You can adjust the size of the mesh gaps on the sides from 33mm to 58mm width, thus allowing you to choose which birds you exclude. One side of the roof hinges for easy access, and it is secured into the ground with 4 removable stakes.

Covers approx: 51cm x 51cm Max height: 51cm to apex 

A thought for baby hedgehogs............. We recently had a customer who found a baby hedgehog trapped in the mesh of the cage- it had gone half way in and its spines prevented it reversing out. If you do have baby hedgehogs in your garden it may be helpful to close up the mesh to the smallest aperture overnight.

*Please note the Woodlook Green Ground Feeding Tray is for demonstration purposes and is not included.*

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Arrived very quickly. Assembly was straight forward. In use within 45 minutes of arriving at the house. The Robins and the Dunnocks figured it immediately; the Blackbirds took a bit longer. The Collared Doves have figured out if they stand on the wire of the wide opening and extend the neck - they can just reach the feeder! But it got rid of the Pigeons and Rooks etc - Objective!
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