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House Martin Nests
House Martin Nests
  • House Martin Nests
  • House Martin Nests

House Martin Nests

House Martins are very sociable birds and will more readily use nests that are arranged in pairs or multiples.
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These nests can be used in groups to form large colonies.This superb Woodcrete* nest material  is used extensively throughout Europe and the nests are easily placed and fixed under the eaves of a suitable building. Unlike natural nests, the Woodcrete* design will not crack or fall to the ground.


• The backing board is exterior grade chipboard to prevent warping.

• The backing board can be painted to match the building.

• The nest can be easily removed for inspection or cleaning.

• Made in remarkable WoodcretePLUS™.

• Backed by 25 year guarantee

• Dimensions: 110H x 460xL x 140D mm. 


Single Nest or Double Nest 

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