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Oval Roosting Nest Pocket
Oval Roosting Nest Pocket
  • Oval Roosting Nest Pocket
  • Oval Roosting Nest Pocket

Oval Roosting Nest Pocket

Cosy homes for little birds
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Product Details

These original design oval nesting pockets are a low-cost way of offering a nesting opportunity or overnight roosting place for small birds.

The pocket should be concealed in the foliage of a hedgerow or shrub and can be a life saver for small birds in cold conditions helping them maintain bodyheat.

  • Made of various natural fibres such as reeds and grasses (appearance may vary due to seasonal availability)
  • Has built in wire hanger to allow the roost pocket to be attached to branches
  • Perfect for species such as robins, wrens, finches, bearded tits etc.
  • Arrange at different heights for a variety of species
  • Can be used in reed beds for warbler species
  • Leave in situ / maintenance free

These pockets are also handy for small mammals like wood mice, harvest mice or even for domestic small mammals like hamsters and mice.

The images are to show you the product. We would recommend that you 'hide' the pockets by siting them deeper within the hedge or tree.

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Already up and in the garden with a roof on it as suggested in the leaflet.
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