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Teapot Nester
Teapot Nester
Teapot Nester
  • Teapot Nester
  • Teapot Nester
  • Teapot Nester

Teapot Nester

Attractive Teapot Nester for Robins -an ideal present for bird lovers.
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Product Details

A quirky alternative to more traditional nesting boxes, the teapot nester is packaged in a colourful gift box that makes it the ideal gift for bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Manufactured by hi-fired frost resistant ceramic.

The friendly robin is the gardener's companion. They will flit around the garden collecting insects, seeds and worms and can often become so tame they will feed from your hand.

They prefer open nesting sites and often utilise man made objects like open boxes, kettles and traditional teapots.


Site the Teapot Nester within some greenery or vegetation cover facing the teapot between north and southeast and between 1-2 metres high.

Fix the teapot using either malleable garden wire, passing it through the specially designed fixing holes and around the base of the handle, then twisting around a convienient branch/support, or alternatively screw to a support through the hole in the base , taking care to only gently tighten against the included rubber washer.


Monitoring & Inspection

In use the nester will be lined with grass, moss and leaves - it should not be disturbed during this time as the adults may abandon the nest and any eggs or young in it.


The nester does not require any maintenance but should be cleaned annually in late summer.

What Species Might Use My Nest Box?

Robins, wrens and other species that like open-fronted nest sites

Additional Information

Robins will sing almost all year round and will often defend their territory. Young robins will only accquire their bright red breast feathers after 2-3 months.

These products are for wild creatures and as such, you should not expect immediate habitation. 


  • Traditional teapot nester for robins
  • Attractive gift box
  • Made from frost-resistant hi-fired ceramic
  • Drainage holes in base of nester
  • Attractive rustic design looks good in any garden
  • Easy to install

Dimensions (approx) (H x W x D):  140h x 150w x 230d  

Weight 0.90kgs

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