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Decorative Bird Feeders

Decorative Bird Feeders

Explore our extensive range of decorative bird feeders, tables and nest boxes for your garden! Adding bird feeders is a brilliant way to freshen up your outside space while helping out local birds.

Don’t forget to pick up some seeds for your new feeder! We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders that include at least one seed mix.

Types of Bird Feeders for Your Garden

Hanging feeders

These are the most common type of bird feeder. These devices will feature a hoop at the top that can be suspended from tree branches or specially made bird feeder hooks. This type of feeder is ideal because it keeps the food out of reach of other animals like squirrels and cats.


Window feeders

Window feeders are a brilliant option if you want to get up close and personal with wild birds. These feeders tend to use suction cups to attach to your window. They're also great if you don't have a huge amount of garden space to work with.


Ground feeders

As the name suggests, ground feeders are designed to cater for wildl birds that prefer to forage for food at ground level, such as sparrows, doves and robins.

Types of Bird Feeders for Your Garden