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Nuttery Roundhaus Squirrel & Predator Proof Peanut Feeder

Nuttery Roundhaus Squirrel & Predator Proof Peanut Feeder

New and Improved Design in a lovely soft Chinese Red colour
Was: £33.00Now: £29.99Robin
Option:Chinese Red
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Stylish and beautifully made for any of our 3 grades of peanuts, the Roundhaus Peanut feeder, from The Nuttery, is designed to attract and feed your peanut loving birds, yet keep the squirrels off your nuts. This new model has a clever in-built hopper, so easy to fill and no more mess! The new 2019 design incorporates a more robust lid locking mechanism - essential when trying to outwit persistent squirrels.

Roundhaus Peanut Feeder

Dimensions; h 28cm x w 22.5cm x d 22.5cm

Colour  Chinese Red ( soft red)

Feeder Weight Empty 1.1kg

Street End Farm

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Bought this and same make seed feeder over last couple of weeks. They look lovely but a determined squirrel worked out he couldn’t get his head through the cage so has gnawed a hole on the plastic base of both! A shame as these feeders are quite pricey. Why isn’t the base metal too? Have managed to reinforce the base of both....should be ok as long as the squirrel doesn’t come back with bolt cutters!
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