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Linseed Feed

Also known as flaxseed. Home-grown on our farm.
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Linseed, also known as flaxseed, is a healthy and delicious snack loved by a variety of wild birds. Our linseed feed comes with FREE delivery!

Doves, finches, and robins are just some of the birds that enjoy eating flaxseed. Our linseed feed for birds is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for wild birds, and it's also a great source of protein, fibre, and omega 3.

Our delicious linseed for birds is grown right here on our farm, where it’s incorporated into many of our wild bird cover mixtures. We sow wild bird cover in the autumn and leave it unharvested over the winter for the benefit of yellowhammers and other birds that visit the farm.

Please note: if you would like to buy larger quantities of flaxseed for birds (or any of our other straight seeds, seed mixes, peanuts, etc.) we are able to offer quarter, half and full pallets of 15kg sacks. These will equate to 300kg (20 sacks), 600kg (40 sacks) or 1.2 tonnes (80 sacks). Please call us for a quote on 01489 896785 or email us stating how much you would like to buy and also your delivery post code. For pallet deliveries, we can offer very competitive prices!
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