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Natural Log Bee Home
Natural Log Bee Home
  • Natural Log Bee Home
  • Natural Log Bee Home

Natural Log Bee Home

An eco home for non swarming bees and other insects
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Product Details

This attractive Bee Nester is made from a cut log with a natural appearance particularly suited to a garden or woodland environment.

This Bee Log has been hollowed out and filled with special nesting canes with hole sizes specified to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason and Leafcutter bees. It will attract a variety of insects as well. These friendly bees and insects are industrious and safe around children and pets, plus they are fascinating to watch and act as excellent garden pollinators.

The natural air dried certified timber wooden log has low thermal conductivity providing excellent insulation, and requires no maintenance. Clean out the nesting tubes at the end of the nesting season to ensure optimum hygiene.

Water-based green paint on the lid, and the bark is a mottled brown colour. It is remarkably light, strong, and resistant to cracking and splitting. Due to the natural wood, the appearance may vary due to the seasonal availability of timber or environmental factors.


Site the Bee Log nester somewhere between ground level and 2 metres, facing south to south-east to receive morning sun. To ensure filled bee tubes are safe from predators, use a simple wire mesh over the front of the tubes if required.


Clean out the bee tubes annually after the nesting and hatching period to remove any leftover material. Cleaning is only to maintain the best possible hygiene and is not strictly necessary, do not attempt to clean or move the nester if any of the nesting tubes are in use.


The natural air dried certified timber wooden log needs very little maintenance. It can be treated with a non-toxic acrylic exterior wood finish every 2-3 years if required. The  timber roof can also be painted every 2-3 years with water-based paint if needed. If any bark loosening occurs, use a small flat head nail to secure it in place.

Dimensions: 28.5 x 20 x 20.5 cm

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