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Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box
Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box
Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box
  • Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box
  • Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box
  • Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box

Kolding Simple Cedar Nest Box

With 32mm hole
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Product Details

In our modern environments many bird species are struggling to find enough suitable nesting sites. As a result, a lot of species which have traditionally been so abundant in our gardens are declining drastically in numbers. Installing a nest box (or several boxes) in your garden is one of the easiest and best ways that you can help these local bird populations. A bird box will provide a warm, sheltered environment with protection from most types of predators, helping to improve the chances of breeding success.

These simple, breathable wooden bird boxes have a sloping roof and are ideal for providing crucial nesting spaces for the smaller garden birds. They have an easy-opening side to allow easy access for cleaning.

The 32mm entrance hole is suitable for the larger tit species such as great tits  as well as tree sparrows and house sparrows and pied flycatchers.  Nest boxes also provide vital roosting spaces for birds during the cold winter months and the thick walls of these nest boxes will ensure that roosting birds stay warm.  

These boxes can be installed on a tree or wall and should be placed two to four metres above ground. There should be a clear flight path to the entrance hole and the boxes should be placed so that the entrance is not exposed to strong sunlight or winds.

Specification - 32mm hole

* Depth: 140mm
* Width: 200mm
* Height: 300mm
* Material: Cedar with a black painted roof

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