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Here at Street End Farm, we aim to provide your garden birds with the very best food in terms of nutritional quality, palatability and cleanliness. We do this by growing as many of our seeds as possible on our UK farm, thus minimising air miles and helping to preserve the environment, as well as supporting our local bird population.

Our home-produced wild bird seed mixes contain a variety of seeds and grains, including black sunflower seeds, millet, naked oats, wheat, rape and linseed (all grown here on the farm), and canary seed (grown locally in Hampshire).

In general terms, the more varied the food you offer, the greater number of bird species you will attract to your garden. We therefore produce a number of different seed mixes and straight grains to help you do this. Our seed mixes are all nutritionally-balanced, and we double-clean our seed to minimise dust and maximise quality.

We want to provide our customers with the best service possible, so we welcome any comments or feedback you may have. We hope you enjoy browsing our bird shop!