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Ground Feeder Guardians

Ground Feeder Guardians

These mesh guardians protect your ground feeder from pests and predators!
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These Ground Feeder Guardians act as a barrier to larger birds, small mammals and hungry pets raiding your ground feeders. Easy to assemble, they have a hinged lid in the top for feeder access and are made from  powder-coated steel. Available in two mesh sizes:

Size 1 - Narrow Mesh -measuring 35mm x 70mm, also keeps out most squirrels and mature starlings, however it may not exclude all juvenile starlings.

Size 2 - Wide Mesh -measuring approximately 60mm x 70mm, keeps out larger birds such as wood pigeons, collared doves, rooks, jackdaws and magpies. Will allow blackbirds and thrushes in.

These guardians measure approx 22" (56cm)L x 15" (38cm) H x (42cm) 16.5" W(top)

Ground Feeding Tray not included.

Warning: We recently had a customer whose lawn around the guardian had been destroyed by badgers, who were trying to gain access to the bird food within. If you do have badgers in your garden, and you value your lawn - it may be prudent to put out an alternative food source for them. This will help to prevent 'cage rage'.

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