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Roundhouse Wren Box
Roundhouse Wren Box
Roundhouse Wren Box
  • Roundhouse Wren Box
  • Roundhouse Wren Box
  • Roundhouse Wren Box

Roundhouse Wren Box

The Spherical Wren House By Schwegler.
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Wrens are great nest builders: the male normally constructs several nests each spring, the female will then select one that she likes best and lay, typically, 5-8 eggs! Designed to appeal specifically to wrens, the Roundhouse* will increase your chances of attracting nesting wrens to your garden - particularly if you put up two or three in suitable sites. 

The spherical  Wren House, manfactured by Schwegler, is an ideal means of assisting the birds to raise their young successfully. Because we tend to keep our gardens tidy, they offer fewer natural nesting opportunities. Extensive investigations have shown that wrens prefer an enclosed, round nest hole. These are then lined with moss, feathers and fur, etc. The Roundhouse, made from tried and tested Schwegler wood-concrete, provides excellent protection from nest predators. It not only houses wrens when bringing up their young but also provides a place where they can sleep in the winter.

SCHWEGLER wood-concrete is a unique weather-resistant, long-lasting material which also has the quality of ‘breathability’ which prevents condensation. The hanger is galvanised steel cable which can be easily looped over a sawn-off branch, for example.


Wrens like to nest near the ground. They are not particularly good flyers, preferring to hop about in the undergrowth. They like shady places - in hedges, thickets, heavily overgrown areas and bushes as well as balconies.

Hang the nest box in undergrowth, in a shady place. It can also be placed upon a pile of brushwood or garden clippings, for example. If hung in a totally unobstructed place it will also attract other types of birds that nest in holes and cavities, including blue tits, coal tits and great tits, as well as tree and house sparrows.

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