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Quirky Bird Feeders

Quirky Bird Feeders

Explore our fun range of novelty bird feeders for your garden. Add a few quirky bird feeders to your outdoor decor and attract a huge range of wild birds!

Don’t forget to pick up some seeds for your new feeder! We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders that include at least one seed mix.

Where to Position Your Bird Feeder

Where you set up your novelty bird feeders will depend on what type of birds you wish to attract and the type of feeder.


Hanging feeders

These feeders will hang from tree branches or feeding stations. Their hanging design requires birds to hang on while they feed so these feeders tend to be preferred by clinging species like woodpeckers and garden tits. 


Window feeders

As the name suggests these feeders are attached to windows via suction cups. Lots of wild birds enjoy feeding from window feeders, these include sparrows and blue tits.


Ground feeders

These feeders are designed to cater for wildl birds that prefer to forage for food at ground level, such as sparrows, doves and robins.

Where to Position Your Bird Feeder