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The UK's Leading Cat Deterrent - On Special Offer
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Product Details

CATWatch is the UK's leading cat deterrent. Made in the UK, cost-effective and built to last, it progressively reduces cat intrusions into gardens. The deterrent effect increases over time.

The CATWatch cat deterrent device emits a unique ultrasonic alarm, triggered by the cat's movement and body heat as soon as it enters the 1,350sq ft protected area. This ultrasonic alarm trains cats to stay out of the protected area-so the birds visiting bird tables and feeding stations can do so safely.

CATWatch really works and it comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee (giving you 3 months to try it and test it out) and a two-year purchase guarantee so you can buy with complete confidence.

The mains adapter will increase a CATWatch unit's output by 30% - so really improves the effectiveness of the set-up.

Protects up to twice the area of other cat deterrents
One CATWatch cat deterrent unit will protect an area of up to 1,350 sq. ft. - up to twice the area of other makes. Furthermore, many other deterrents simply emit a random or permanent ultrasound signal regardless of whether a cat is present or not, resulting in the deterrent effect reducing over time. That's why many people who have tried other cat deterrents eventually choose CATWatch.

Works in all weather conditions
CATWatch is designed to run trouble free all year round and in all weather conditions from -30 C to +60 C. The low voltage computer controlled micro circuitry is completely sealed inside the unit.

Set your garden free of chemicals and barriers
No one really wants to cover their borders or garden ponds with 'lion dung' or unsightly netting to protect them from someone else's cat! And probably every gardener has tried the alternative chemical products.

Apart from being messy, these cat deterrents need constant re-application after every shower and their success rate at keeping cats at bay is inconsistent at best.

Easy to use
CATWatch can be moved and positioned at ground level in seconds or secured at the base of walls, fences and trees. Simply clip in a battery or use the optional mains adapter kit, then switch on and relax.

Optional Extras

  • Mains Adapter kit - Comes with a 10 metre (32 feet) lead. Maintains operation at peak efficiency as opposed to the declining power output of batteries. Consistantly increases the power output of a unit by 30%.  Costs just a few pence per month to run.
  • 10m Extension lead - Allows you to increase the distance between the Mains Adaptor and the Catwatch, Foxwatch or Pestfree unit.
  • Connector Kit - Allows you to power two Catwatch, Foxwatch or Pestfree units from one Mains Adaptor.
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Customer Reviews

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Thought I would give this RSPB tested & recommended cat deterrent 3 months to prove itself, having been let down by similar products in the past. I am pleased to say that feline visits to our garden have significantly decreased, and as a consequence bird life is increasing. Recommended.
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