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High Energy Fledgling Mix
High Energy Fledgling Mix
High Energy Fledgling Mix
  • High Energy Fledgling Mix
  • High Energy Fledgling Mix
  • High Energy Fledgling Mix
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High Energy Fledgling Mix -SAVE 10%

For fledglings and mini beaks this Spring
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Product Details

Our new, totally delicious High Energy Fledgling  bird seed mix is a blend of 'mini bites' which will be loved particularly by fledgelings and little birds with mini beaks. So a great choice for this time of year with youngsters everywhere! It is ultra-high energy, so another really good reason to offer it now. And the third great reason; it is a 'no mess,won't grow' mix, so everything will be eaten.

High Energy Fledgling Mix combines Oats, Nuts, Seeds and mini Peanut and Cherry flavoured Pellets, (all in nibble-size pieces which are highly digestibe ) to give birds a real power start. 

It comprises home grown rolled naked oats, premium sunflower hearts, peanuts granules, and mini bite-sized suet pellets.

At a glance reasons to try our new High Energy Fledgling Mix

Mini pieces make easy feeding for fledglings and adults with little beaks

Highly Digestible

Ultra High Energy

Won't grow or sprout - so no mess and everything will be eaten

It is delicious!

Your bird seed should be stored somewhere cool and dry. We recommend that it should be used within 5 months of purchase - just to make sure it stays fresh and nutritious for your garden birds.

As a Special 'Taster Offer' we are offering 10% off our new High Energy Fledgling Mix bird seed mix for May.

No better month to try it out...... !



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