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 Bird Feeder Guardians

Bird Feeder Guardians

Small and large guards to protect your feeders from hungry squirrels!
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These Bird Feeder Guardians in green painted steel protect  tubular feeders and their contents from raiding squirrels. They are compatible with many tube feeders which have a 1/2" screw thread on their base; the Droll Yankee New Generation Lifetime* Range, the Droll Yankee Bird Lover* Range,and the Ringpull* Range

The large Guardian will accommodate a 4 port tubular seed feeder, and the large peanut feeders, measuring a maximum of 380mm long and 85mm diameter. The small feeder Guardians will accommodate a 2 port seed feeder in the ranges mentioned above, or tsmall peanut feeders up to 236mm tall.

The Guardians can be pole mounted or suspended. They are easy to use; the domed base attaches to the bottom of a feeder by means of a baselink nut, or a pole adaptor (if pole mounted). The cage lifts off easily for refilling and cleaning, with no need to detach the domed base from the feeder for these activities. The domed base allows easy run-off of water and dropped seed, and the gnaw-proof steel bars allow easy access to a feeder for the smaller birds- but not the squirrels!

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