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Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera
Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera
Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera
  • Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera
  • Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera
  • Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera

Wingscapes Digital Timelapse Camera

So much fun to be had!
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Product Details

A Digital Timelapse Camera makes an unusual and superb gift idea!

Watch spiders build webs, chicks hatching or flowers growing!

Timelapse photography provides an innovative and unrivalled view of any type of sequential event that occurs over a period of time, including things that are not visible with the naked eye such as a plant growing from seed. Kids love seeing speeded-up, animated things happening!

This battery operated (requires eight AA batteries, not supplied) camera is encased in a durable, rugged, lockable weatherproof case. The 8 Megapixel resolution, high quality lens, variable focus (from 6 inches to infinity) and 40° field of view provides clear, crisp images and video clips.  In fact the photos are good enough resolution to create beautiful prints which you can view, save or share whenever you desire. Easy to use, with push button navigation keys.

To create your timelapse video simply select the desired time delay you require between photographs, whether that is immediately, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or once a day. The camera will countdown the time delay, automatically turn on after each interval, take a photo then return to battery conservation mode.

Once you have finished taking photos in the timelapse mode, just set the camera to "Convert to Movie" and the camera does the work for you. The result is a superb seamless movie of your chosen project!

With so many potential uses, you could record and watch:

- Seedlings grow
- Flower petals open and close
- Record ice forming or de-frosting
- See the Sun setting or rising
- Weather changing
- Watch houses being built
- Spiders web being built
- Eggs hatching

Main Benefits of the Digital Time lapse Camera is:

- It is simple to use right out of the box

- It has a rugged, weatherproof construction so you can leave it unattended

- It takes still photos or videos, close-up or landscape

- Enables you to record and watch what is normally too slow to view

- Can be connected easily to your computer or television

- Makes it easy to share movies through e-mail or by posting them online

- Records data to internal memory (16MB) or a memory card (optional)

- Comes with a full 12 Month Warranty

This TimelapseCam does not require any special type of software to view photos. It can be connected directly to a television or PC/computer, or alternatively you can simply transfer from the optional memory card. Photos and videos can be downloaded in standard formats for viewing, printing, e-mailing or posting online.


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