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Harlech WoodStone® Bat Box™

Harlech WoodStone® Bat Box™

Optimal conditions for roosting bats
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These bat boxes offer excellent insulation and minimum condensation for roosting bats. Ideally 2 to 3 boxes should be erected facing in different directions to account for temperature changes day to day.

Constructed from a mix of concrete and shavings from sustainably sourced trees, WoodStone® nest boxes, from CJ Wildlife, safeguard against attacks from predators.

The combination material insulates the box which creates a more consistent internal temperature than other materials.

 These Woodstone® boxes will not rot away or deteriorate.

Every WoodStone® nest box from CJ Wildlife is guaranteed for 10 years.

Dimensions; W19cm x H24cm x L18cm    Colour; Black

Please note;

You can undertake non-invasive checks of bat boxes above without needing a licence. However, if the box needs to be opened to check it then there must be a suitably licensed bat worker present. Anyone wishing to undertake bat box checks should obtain training in bat handling and identification before applying for a licence.

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