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Bird Nest Boxes

We stock a selection of attractive nest boxes for you to install in your garden.

If you're looking to encourage birds to make your garden their home, these gorgeous wild bird nesting boxes are the way to go about it. Our garden nest boxes are wonderfully well-made, and each one is specifically designed to serve as an ideal home for garden birds.

Remember, we also supply an assortment of accessories for your nest boxes, allowing you to provide an even better place for wild birds to live. You can even monitor their activities by installing hidden wildlife cameras in your nesting boxes!

Positioning a Nest Box.

When choosing where to locate your nest box there are certain things to consider.

  • Choose a quiet location away from paths or busy areas.
  • Avoid areas that predators can hide, ie cats.
  • Position away from your feeding area.
  • Don’t fill the nest box with nesting material, better to offer wood shavings, sheep wool, dog or horse hair in an old wire feeder for the birds to help themselves and make their nest.
  • The nest box should face between North and East to avoid extremes of weather, sun, rain and wind.  Tilt the box forward a bit to reduce heavy rain hitting the entrance hole. Never place a nest box facing south.
  • There needs to be a clear route for the birds to and from the next box. 
  • Space out nest boxes in the garden, most species prefer to be separate from other nests with the exception of house sparrow and starlings as they usually prefer to nest in groups.

Not sure which nest box to buy? Get in touch for expert advice from the Really Wild Bird Food team.

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