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Small Mesh Ground Guard
Small Mesh Ground Guard
  • Small Mesh Ground Guard
  • Small Mesh Ground Guard

Small Mesh Ground Guard

To allow small ground feeding birds peace and quiet
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Very often our small garden birds are maurauded or frightened off by larger birds such as pigeons, rooks, magpies and crows. These ground feeder guards will offer protection. The smaller birds will be able to hop through the mesh, leaving the bigger birds outside. Made from strong, powder coated metal; these ground guards are long lasting, hard wearing and sturdy. They also feature 4 anchoring points which allows you to secure the guard and stop it being blown away or towed away by a badger!

Easy to assemble. The sides simply slot together and food is replenished by means of lid in the top.

Dimensions;  Height 14.5" (37cm) Width 22" (56cm) Depth 22" (56cm)

The mesh hole size is approximately 3cm x 7cm. This will permit smaller birds through but won't allow blackbirds, thrushes or anything larger. 

*Please also note that juvenile starlings may be able to squeeze through this mesh, so we cannot guarantee its effectiveness against young starlings.

Colour: Green

Pack contents for self assembly

4 x Mesh Side Panels, 1 x Mesh Top Panel, 1 x Lid for Top Panel, 1 x Packet of Clips, 4 x Anchoring Hooks

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