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Lifetime* Niger Seed Feeders - Yellow
Lifetime* Niger Seed Feeders - Yellow
Lifetime* Niger Seed Feeders - Yellow

Lifetime* Niger Seed Feeders - Yellow

Yellow niger seed feeders with a lifetime guarantee - perfect for small birds!
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One of the really big successes in garden bird feeding in recent years is the way Goldfinches have taken to Niger seed. This tiny black seed is much like our native Teazle seed and feeding Niger provides an abundant all-year round food supply,rich in essential nutrients which these beautiful birds need, particularly if they are to breed successfully.

Designed specially to offer small seeds,these top quality niger seed feeders are likely to draw even more goldfinches into gardens.

Their sturdy metal fittings and perches are rust-proof, the eye-catching yellow finish won’t chip or fade and the polycarbonate tube is UV-stabilised so it won’t discolour.

Goldfinches are highly gregarious birds that like feeding in flocks. If you’re looking to attract maximum possible numbers, there’s nothing to beat our amazing 10-level, 20-port feeder.If you are not sure whether you will attract goldfinches to your garden, why not start off with a smaller feeder and see what happens?

We currently stock 4-port (0.5litre), 6-port (1.0litre), 8-port (1.5litre) and 20-port (2.5litre) feeders. THESE FEEDERS COME WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE

  • 4 port: 180mm tube height, overall length 330mm, 0.5 litre capacity, 
  • 6 port: 360mm tube height, overall length 510mm, 1 litre capacity, 
  • 8 port 540mm tube height, overall length 720mm, 1.5 litre capacity,
  • 20 port 910mm tube height overall length 1040mm, 2.5 litre capacity


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