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Woodpecker Nest Box

Woodpecker Nest Box

This lovely woodpecker box is handmade in solid FSC cedar with a silver birch entrance hole for a naturalistic appearance.
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The box has a hinged inspection lid and comes fitted with a camera clip so you can insert your own camera. The box also comes with a bag of wood shavings as nest material.

Siting The woodpecker box should be positioned high up between 2.5 and 3.5 metres on a mature tree in quiet location for best chance of occupancy. Face the entrance hole away from the prevailing wind to face between North and South East.

Maintenance Made with FSC slow-seasoned naturally durable timbers in order to negate the need for chemical preservatives or stains. The timber will silver with age and small cracks will appear with wetting and drying, but the wood does not rot. You may use a water-based exterior varnish for aesthetic purposes but it is not a required treatment. All the joints are screwed together for longevity.

The woodpecker box should ideally be cleaned out in Autumn ready for the coming Spring. 

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