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A much-loved garden-dweller across the globe, the songful sparrow is a welcome addition to any garden, providing a cheery sight and a wholesome ambience.

However, a decline in numbers has led to concern over the humble sparrow’s ability to survive in the UK. 

In fact, certain areas of the UK (such as Yorkshire and London) have seen the population of House Sparrows in particular drop by a staggering 70% between 1995 and 2017, according to the Breeding Bird Survey 2018.

Numbers have dwindled to such an extent that the sparrow now finds itself on the “Red List” – the highest conservation priority that requires urgent action – undoubtedly leaving them in need of a helping hand.

In order to reverse this trend, the onus is on us to help these chirpy songbirds bounce back. Luckily, there are a few easy things we can do to once again help sparrow numbers soar.


What attracts sparrows?

Renowned for their foraging capabilities, the wily sparrow thrives on seeds and scraps. As such, providing your feathered friends with some strategically placed supplies can be just the ticket when it comes to attracting sparrows to your garden.

Our sparrow seed mix is created specifically for sparrows and comprises of dried mealworms, wheat, red and white millet, naked oats and buckwheat. For the perfect one-stop solution, this crunchy cocktail is the perfect blend of nutrition for a sparrow buffet like no other.

Meanwhile, a healthy supply of water is also a great way to turn your garden into a self-service sparrow snack bar. TV gardening legend, Alan Titchmarsh, notes the following:

“Birds linger longer in gardens that have drinking water and bathing facilities. A pond or water feature goes down well, especially when there are shallow areas they can splash around in.”

Create a wildlife watering hole with bready scraps/seeds left in a tube feeder or designated flat spot for the perfect sparrow dining area in your garden.


Other types of sparrow food

If you really want to turn your garden into an avian oasis, why not stock up on a few of our seed mixes for the ultimate sparrow smorgasbord?

We offer a wide variety of wild bird mixes that will surely delight your feathery visitors, boasting a whole range of seed treats for your welcome garden guests, from standard table mix to pet-safe ground blends.

Sparrows are very partial to red millet – a fact backed by wildlife conservationists such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Pick up a bag of our home-grown millet to give your garden sparrows a healthy dose of B complex vitamins and minerals.

Finally, sparrows also love live mealworms, particularly when there are young to feed. Feed the whole family with these wriggly entrées or, if you want something a little less lively, we also stock dried mealworms for an equally protein-packed snack.


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