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what birds eat peanuts

Peanuts have been a popular offering for garden birds for centuries! Did you know they're are actually legumes and not technically 'nuts'?

Nonetheless, peanuts are rich in fats, oils and protein making them especially good for improving the health of birds. They are grown all over the world and come in many different shapes and sizes, but which birds actually eat them?

In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the different birds that eat peanuts as well as some of the things you should look out for when buying & storing peanuts for birds.

Common garden birds that eat peanuts include...

  • Blue Tits
  • Woodpeckers
  • Doves
  • Crows

Peanut safety & advice

  • Can I give birds peanuts from my cupboard?

While it might be tempting to feed your garden birds the peanuts in your house, this is seriously not advised. Most peanuts for humans are covered in salts and other flavourings that are extremely dangerous for birds. If you want to offer your garden birds peanuts, you should source bird-friendly peanuts - otherwise, you could make your feathered friends seriously ill!


  • How should I offer peanuts to birds?

Peanuts come in many different sizes and should be offered to birds in different ways. During the breeding season, you should offer birds whole peanuts in a wire peanut feeder. This ensures that mothers can't take the whole peanut back to the nest, where it could be a choking hazard for baby birds. If you're looking for other ways to offer peanuts to the birds, peanut granules or our best selling Flutter Butter are a great option. We supply feeders for all of our peanut products, take a look at them below.

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  • How long should I leave peanuts out?

Peanuts shouldn't be left in the garden for a long time, especially if it's raining! They can quickly go mouldy, at which point, they can cause respiratory infections in the birds that eat them. To avoid this, you should keep your peanut feeding area clean and change the offering of peanuts at regular intervals.

Aflatoxins in peanuts

One of the biggest concerns with giving birds peanuts is the fungus Aspergillus Flavus which can grow between the peanut kernel and the skin in the right conditions. Unfortunately, peanuts that are tainted with this fungus become toxic to birds. This is because the fungus releases a chemical called aflatoxin (which is actually dangerous for humans as well as birds!)

All of our peanuts are grown responsibly, transported safely and tested rigorously to ensure there's no risk of aflatoxins. We certify all of our peanuts with 'nil detectable aflatoxin' status once we're 100% confident that they are safe.

Our peanut products for birds

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we offer a range of different peanut products that you can put in your garden to feed the birds. While peanuts for birds don't quite come in the same array of flavours that they do for humans, there's still a huge variety of peanut products for you to choose from! Here are a few of our favourites...

Classic Peanuts

 classic peanuts

These whole peanuts are perfect if you want to introduce some peanuts to the birds in your garden. They are of a 50/60 size (meaning they're medium-sized) and have been produced, shipped and tested to the highest standards so you know they're perfectly safe & delicious!

We recommend storing our classic peanuts somewhere cool and dry. If your garden birds haven't eaten them all within 5 months, we'd recommend throwing them out and getting more. This will make sure you're offering fresh, nutritious peanuts to your birds at all times.

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Flutter Butter


flutter butter eco refills

This peanut butter may closely resemble the stuff in your cupboard, but our Flutter Butter has been formulated for birds! It doesn't contain salt and is made with peanuts that are safe for birds. This is a great mess-free way to offer peanuts to your birds. Above, you can see our Flutter Butter Eco-Refills which are made with 85% less plastic, meaning you can feed Flutter Butter to your birds guilt-free. 

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So if you've been wondering what birds eat peanuts... now you know! You can shop all peanut products by clicking the button below. As always, if you have any questions about our peanut products, or if you'd like to find out more about our bird food and feeders, we'd love to hear from you. You can send us an email at

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