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Sparrow Seed Mix
Sparrow Seed Mix
Sparrow Seed Mix
  • Sparrow Seed Mix
  • Sparrow Seed Mix
  • Sparrow Seed Mix
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Sparrow Seed Mix

A tasty blend containing millet and mealworms to attract and keep your sparrows
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Oh where have all the Sparrows gone? Did you know that around 1 in 4 British Gardens which hosted Sparrows in 1995 no longer do? The reason for their decline may be multi-factorial, but a reduced  invertebrate food source during the breeding season and a loss of  available nesting sites may be significant factors. Sparrows love cereal grains and invertebrates - so we have created this fantastic new seed mix just for them! We can assure you that it won't just be Sparrows which devour this new mix but it has been specifically blended to help you attract them back into your gardens, and then keep them there! Contains 11 enticing ingredients, including dried mealworms, wheat, red and white millet, naked oats and buckwheat. And here is a comment from one of our customers............

"I would just like to praise your new 'Sparrow Seed  Mix'. My husband is wheelchair bound and  the sparrows in particular give him lots of pleasure. They are so cheeky! We have always had a fair sparrow presence in our garden but since I have started feeding them your new 'Sparrow Seed Mix', the daily attendance in our garden has risen by 50% minimum! They love this mix. I even get a fair amount of chirping as I am putting it out for them. So thank you very much, we will definitely be making more purchases of this superb seed".

Karen Long.

Your Sparrow Seed Mix should be stored somewhere cool and dry. We recommend that it should be used within 5 months of purchase - just to make sure it stays fresh and nutritious for your garden birds.

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Customer Reviews

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The sparrows love this mix but I have yet to see one bird eat the red millet if that is what it is. This is on the ground or left on the seed tray.
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Date of Review:
Value For Money:
This is an excellent mix - I get a good mix of birds to the feeder - finches, tits and sparrows. Good value and consistent quality - delivered in good time. Well recommended.
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