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Food for Small Birds

Food for Small Birds

Browse high-quality, home-grown food for small birds from Really Wild Bird Food! Below you'll find lots of delicious bird seeds suitable for small garden birds like robins, wrens, tits and finches.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders that include at least one seed mix so make sure to check out our seed mix selection below.

Tips for Feeding Small Birds

Small wild birds can often be bullied away from feeders by bigger birds like pigeons and crows. Help them out by adding bird feeders for small birds to your garden. These clever feeders are designed to keep large birds out by utilising smaller entrance holes that only small species can access.

You should also avoid larger ingredients such as whole maize and dried peas as these are no good for small birds like robins and wrens. These types of ingredients will also attract biggger bully birds like pigeons. Instead, opt for small seeds like millet.

Tips for Feeding Small Birds