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Christmas Peanut Cakes

Christmas Peanut Cakes

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These delicious, rich, high energy peanut cakes make a lovely Christmas gift for your garden birds! 

A highly calorific combination of tallow, peanut flour, black sunflowers, striped sunflowers, yellow millet, kibbled peanuts and pinhead oatmeal - providing 660 calories per 100g - so each cake provides your little birds with a whopping 3,300 calories, which will help keep them warm and active during the winter months.

Very easy to use. They have an integral hanger, so can simply be removed from the pack and hung with some string from a tree branch or hook, or a specialist peanut cake feeder like this round metal peanut cake feeder, or they can be simply chopped up and put out on a bird table for a tasty bird table treat.

Each Christmas Peanut Cake is 500ml and can be used to feed from hanger, table or on the ground.

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