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National Trust Robin Peanut Cake

National Trust Robin Peanut Cake

Packed with tasty and nutritious ingredients
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National Trust Robin Peanut Suet Cakes are a high energy food source for many insect eating birds. Packed with tasty and nutritious ingredients, they provide a high calorific count for busy birds as well as being a great source of essential fats and essential amino acids.

These Peanut Cake Tubes are made to our own unique recipe, making them a great source of essential fats and calories for your garden birds and the best quality energy-rich fat cakes you can buy!

Bird suet cakes can also be used on bird tables, where they can be placed whole, or chopped up, or scattered on the ground in small pieces for the smaller shy birds to benefit from this feeding opportunity.

We advise to keep these in the fridge during the hot months.
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