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Large Bempton Bird Table
Large Bempton Bird Table
  • Large Bempton Bird Table
  • Large Bempton Bird Table

Large Bempton Bird Table

Made from sustainably sourced timber and features intricate lattice woodwork in a distressed green finish, and a real verdigris copper roof.
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Product Details

The table is supplied with a wall bracket which allows for it to be fixed to a wall, post, tree or similar vertical surface. The table can also be fixed to a pole through the base, if required.

Suitable for a variety of feed types, the Bemptons' attractive appearance will enhance any garden setting.

The primary feature of the Bempton is that it provides a safe and hygienic area for birds to feed.


Fix table to wall, post, tree or similar vertical surface in a convenient, accessible and visible location - more birds may use the table if it is situated close to hedges or trees, where they can reach the table from cover.

Monitoring & Inspection

Clean away uneaten food every few days.

Spray a concentrated sanitizer such as Ark Klens around the feed area on a regular basis to protect against bacteria and disease.


The table itself is a natural product and does not require any additional treatments.

What Species Might Use My Table?

A wide variety of small garden birds

Additional Information

(Note: it is natural for wood to move in different weather conditions and small cracks may appear in the paint work which will not affect the construction. We only use waterbased finishes for environmental reasons).

These products are for wild creatures and as such, you should not expect immediate habitation.


Made from Sustainably Sourced timber

Real verdigris copper roof

Features intricate lattice woodwork

Supplied with wall bracket

Dimensions (approx) (H x W x D):  370h x 290w x 290d  Weight 3.1kgs

Street End Farm

Customer Reviews

Ian Campbell
Date of Review:
Value For Money:
I regret to say this is among the most useless of bird tables. It is a garden ornament - looks very pretty but birds hate going inside to feed and the whole thing fills with water as the lovely roof drains onto the shelf and seeps under the walls and rain blows in. The walls come unglued and then you are left with a tiny table onto which you can put next to no bird food. I don't think i can fathom what the smaller one can be like!
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