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Gardman Caged Peanut Feeder
Gardman Caged Peanut Feeder

Gardman Caged Peanut Feeder

Squirrel resistant
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Product Details

This peanut feeder has a plastic coated wire cage around the central tube, which is designed to exclude squirrels and larger birds.

A low cost option if you are trying to exclude squirrels.

Please note that in some instances, young and particularly small squirrels may still be able to access the central mesh

Height 26cm

Holds approximately 425g peanuts

Street End Farm

Customer Reviews

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Within one hour of filling these feeder a squirrel had the lid off and was helping itself ! I have tried tightening the clip only for the lid to be lifted at the hinges so I am now down to wiring the lid which is a pain . Sorry to be negative but my fight with the squirrels is non stop and this was sold as a squirrle proof feeder !
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