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Birdy Butter

Birdy Butter

Peanut Butter for Birds
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Wild birds like peanut butter, but normal peanut butter isn't good for them because it has a high salt content.

Suet To Go™ have produced Birdy Butter which offers birds a high energy protein boost, with NO added salt, and the birds seem to love it!

The jar contains 350g of delicious peanut and mealworm Birdy Butter.

The Birdy Butter jars are plastic and simply screw into the bespoke Birdy Butter feeder, which can also be found on this site.

Composition: Birdy butter is made of beef suet, wheat flour and peanut flour, dried mealworm, millet, linseed and rapeseed. It has 29% fat and 14% protein.

But please don't put it on your toast - it isn't for human consumption!

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