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Hi Energy Nut Suet Cake for Robins

Hi Energy Nut Suet Cake for Robins

Delicious Suet - for Robins and their friends!
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These delicious, high quality suet cakes contain kibbled sunflower hearts, naked rolled oats, kibbled peanuts, kibbled maize, yellow millet, pinhead oatmeal and dried mealworms as well as sultanas. Each suet cake weighs around 300g and contains a whopping 620 calories per 100g of energy - so 1860 calories for the whole suet cake!

We would recommend putting your suet cake into a bespoke suet cake feeder, but they can also be placed on a table or a ground feeder - or be broken up into crumbled chunks and placed in a robin feeder or on a table for everyone to enjoy :)

Available as boxes of 12 suet cakes

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