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Pyramid Fatball Feeder
Pyramid Fatball Feeder
  • Pyramid Fatball Feeder
  • Pyramid Fatball Feeder

Pyramid Fatball Feeder

Green metal feeder which will hold 10 fatballs
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Product Details

We like this new 'Pyramid' metal fatball feeder which holds up to 10 standard fatballs and is a really attractive way to feed super suet balls in the garden.

The pyramid fat ball feeder holds up to 10 super suet fatballs  but the pyramid shape means that  the lower layers of fatballs are accessible to your garden birds, and the top layers can remain sheltered from the rain and inclement weather. The pyramidal design also makes it more difficult for larger birds to gain traction thereby giving the smaller clinging birds such as blue tits and long tailed tits easier access.

The pyramid fat ball feeder has a metallic hanging ring which can be hung on poles, hooks or tree branches.

To fill the feeder simply unscrew the top pin, lift off the rain screen baffle and insert the fat balls through the filling hole. Easy Peasy!


Total height with hanging ring 260mm

Diameter 180mm

Weight 350g

Metallic green

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