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Wildlife World Premium Squirrel Food

Wildlife World Premium Squirrel Food

Premium squirrel food containing pine nuts - a favourite of the red squirrel!
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Our squirrel food mix contains nuts, seeds and grains incorporating a natural calcium source. It also contains pine nuts, which are beloved by red squirrels.

This complementary feed is suitable for use on a squirrel feeding platform or in a squirrel feeder. The food is beneficial and may help the survival of native red squirrels if you are lucky enough to live in a stronghold area of the reds.

Otherwise, just marvel at the acrobatic antics of your grey squirrels as they enjoy this delicious seleciton.

Squirrel food mix contains mixed nuts, black sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds, wheat, oats, pine nuts, peanuts, peanuts in shells and dried apple.

Weight 1.04kg

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